Alloy Steel Ball

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 Brief Introduction of Alloy Steel Ball

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The Alloy Steel Ball we produced are designed to achieve extreme ruggedness. The ball surface has a smooth ground and polished finish. These balls provide the toughness and strength necessary for severe shock loads.Alloy Steel Ball are hardened throughout and have unusually good wear characteristics.

Alloy Steel Ball find most frequent use in oil field equipment and offshore drilling operations. They provide good service in withstanding the abrasion of pulverized rock and mud slurries.



Military   ASTM




S-2 Tool Steel 




Additional testing may be required to certify that materials comply with specific standards.

Material Analysis 

Alloy Steel Ball are manufactured to the following

chemical analysis:

Chemical Analysis  


0.47% to 0.55%


0.30% to 0.50%


0.90% to 01.10%


0.30% to 0.60%


0.030% maximum


0.030% maximum

Vanadium  é’’

0.5% maximum

Mechanical Properties

Hardness as measured on parallel flat surfaces is Rockwell ā€œCā€55-58.Ball of special hardness are available upon request.

Tensile strength Yield strength

310,000 psi

290,000 psi

Elongation in two inches


Reduction in area


Modulus of elasticity


30,000,000 psi

0.283 lbs./


Size Range in Inches and Millimeters





Alloy Steel Ball is actually an shock resistant tool steel ball which owes its high tensile and yield strength, high hardness and wear resistance,high fatigue strength and impact toughness after heat treatment.Its impact toughness  increased 5 times  than chrome steel ball, the ball crushing load increased  about 60% than chrome steel ball.

1. Screw Drilling Bearing/Oil Screw Drilling Bearing/Bearings for Downhole Motors :


Such as multi row thrust ball bearings and multi row thrust roller bearings ,they are mainly used in underground power drilling tools and maintenance.

2. Mud Lubricated Bearing Assemblies :


Each Bearing Assembly is made up of multiple rows of  high contact angle, high precision, bi-directional angular contact bearing sets. They are designed to withstand the harshest of downhole drilling

conditions. The bearing raceways are designed with a special contour that allows for optimum contact between the balls and the raceway for the life of the bearing.

3. Tricone Rock Bits/Tricone Bit :


Three cone bit is the important tool in oil drilling, its performance is good or bad will directly affect the quality of the drilling, the drilling efficiency and drilling costs. The three cone bit design mostly according to practical experience, combined with trial and error method, of design and calculation is repeated, so the design of low accuracy, cycle is long, it is difficult to improve the quality of the design, and for each calculation can only design a bit and low efficiency.

Cone bit under pressure drilling and drilling string rotation effect, crushing teeth and eat into the rock, also produced certain sliding and shear rock. When the cone at the bottom when rolling, roller teeth in turn impact, into the formation, the role can some of the bottom hole rock crushing, another part of the rock between the teeth residual at the same time by sliding cone bring shearing cut off, the rock bottom of the overall crash, borehole can be extended.


Production Process




Quality Control

At the beginning of the year 2015,  our company import an eddy current test machine from the Czech Republic.  It's the world's most advanced of steel ball surface quality inspection equipment at present, and also it's  the only way to eliminate human error to ensure  the balls detection quality.

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