Yusion Attended The Atakent-Expo 2017

- Dec 04, 2017-

The Atakent Expo is a leading and international event company in Kazakhstan which concluded on 29 NOV-1 Dec 2017.The organization holds a very dignified position in international exhibition industry. They are engaged in organizing world class and very successful events and shows all over the world in order to explore and promote innovative ideas in different spheres of science and manufacturing, and also support home manufacturers, turning into an effective propagandistic tool of economical changes occurring in Kazakhstan. The organization consists of groups responsible for organisation and coordination of fairs and exhibitions, administration and service, advertising, information, stands construction and decorations. They are effectively contributing in the development of Kazakhstan market and IEC.As one of the largest companies for the manufacture of S-2 rockbit balls and chrome steel balls in Aisa,we are honored to participate in this exhibition.


Under the environment of global oil and gas prices low for long time, the three-days exhibition also attracted the attention of many viewers. Many customers at home and abroad give affirmation and spoke highly of the development and power of Yusiont company. 

At the scene, we introduced the details of our S-2 rockbit balls and chrome steel balls for customers. For some customers encountered special questions in our products, our technical engineer give detail answers in Wind Energy oil feild technology, service, whole scheme optimization, and so on.



Through this exhibition, we harvest a large number of customers and market information in Wind Energy and Oil feild. Also get more chances to exchange of technology, industry and domestic & international market strategic cooperation. We attended the exhibition a complete success.