What's In Common With Wear-resisting Steel Balls And Grinding Steel Balls?

- Jun 30, 2016-

As the name suggests, wear-resistant steel ball refers to wear-resistant steel ball.

According to the user's long experience, when the steel ball hardness (HRC) must be ≥58 above, this type of steel ball has a high abrasion resistance (low abrasion), so it should be said that this kind of steel ball is the real meaning of wear-resisting steel ball; Although we put the hardness (HRC) below 58 degrees of steel balls also known as wear-resisting steel ball, but this kind of steel ball because of low Its abrasion resistance is poor (wear is higher).

Grinding steel ball is a steel ball used for grinding mill material, which is actually a grinding body. It should be said that wear-resisting steel ball is a kind of ball of grinding steel ball, is not wear-resistant steel ball can also be called grinding steel ball. such as cast steel ball (high chromium ball, medium chromium ball, low chromium ball), forged steel ball, rolled steel ball can be called grinding steel ball, where the grinding action of the steel ball can be called grinding steel ball.

Beware of counterfeiting: wear-resisting steel ball and grinding steel ball hardness (HRC) can be used to detect Rockwell hardness tester; According to the user's long-term experience, after quenching treatment of wear-resistant steel ball (required hrc≥60 above) than ordinary wear-resisting steel ball (HRC between 40-52) at least wear-resistant twice times.