Ways Of Steel Balls’ Surface Treatment

- Nov 27, 2018-


1、 the surface of the metal material turntable steel ball functional coating: steel ball, 

including the switch package chemical plating, electroplating, composite plating, brush plating 

and amorphization treatment.

2、 high-energy beam surface treatment of metal materials: including laser surface treatment, 

electron beam surface modification and processing techniques such as writing.

3、the surface of the metal material vapor deposition technology: including physical and chemical 

vapor deposition.

4、the thermal diffusion of metal surface infiltration technology: including carburizing. 

Nitriding and carbonitriding chemical heat treatment.

5、surface hardening: such as high-frequency surface hardening, flame quenching and so on.

6、cold hardening and disposal: such as shot peening, rolling, cold compression cold rail and 

other technologies.