How To Determine The Strength Of Steel Ball Index

- Mar 12, 2019-

First, the quality requirements of the technical indicators:

1, unit cement ball consumption is low

2, broken ball rate

3, the surface of the steel ball is required to be smooth, the total surface area of the sprue and sprue hole occupying the steel ball is small, the invalid wear of the steel ball at the sprue and riser can be reduced, and the energy consumption and the output are also reduced. This is one of the main criteria for identifying the level of foundry owned by the manufacturer.

Second, cost-effective steel ball Manufacturers should have the conditions:

⑴ advanced casting technology and equipment: the use of advanced international anhydrous production technology, that is, using completely dry resin sand deposited on the metal film, completely eliminate the water glass may cause porosity, slag and other casting defects, so that steel ball Quality has been a qualitative leap; but also improve the iron-carbon ratio, fully meet the quenching requirements.

⑵ enterprises have a sound quality assurance system, conscientiously implement the product quality inspection and control procedures

⑶ continue to guide users from the use of steel forged with small diameter steel ball, to further reduce mill power consumption.