Comparison Of Hot Rolled Ball Mill Steel Ball And Forged Steel Ball

- Aug 30, 2016-

Hot rolled steel ball is a kind of roll forging ball, which belongs to forged steel ball.

The traditional forged steel ball is:

Materials--as long as the steel, regardless of the rules, regardless of the composition, as long as the steel, or even iron can be.

Material------according to the shape of the materials required to manufacture the size of the ball (can be estimated in accordance with the diameter of the ball), in a variety of ways will be good, in order to better the material, not excluding the train wheels and other scrap metal heating to make the square steel and other regular

Heating--coal stove, natural gas stove, electric stove (appearing in recent years)

Forging------general use of air hammer forging

Heat treatment--throw into cold water

This kind of craft manufacture steel ball, belongs to the small workshop, the quality nature cannot talk about. Gradually, gradually, is eliminated. The first to be eliminated is the material, as mine engineers and technicians increasingly understand the steel ball, the quality of the steel ball is also gradually put forward the requirements, the first is on the material, hardness, toughness, crushing rate and so on, so that manufacturers will be forced to replace the material with a pure steel round bar, steel, etc. as raw materials, has now developed into the manganese special steel. CR-MO Alloy Special steel, B-Series steel ball steel, etc., the hardness of more and more high, wear resistance is also increased. Subsequent heat treatment and inspection levels also followed.

With the development of the Times, cost accounting has affected all industries. This requires the cost of compression, so-high efficiency, stability, high-quality hot rolled steel ball technology has emerged.

Hot Rolled ball press forging (rolling) steel ball black metallurgical industry standard (YB 091-2005) specializing in the production of various specifications of hot-rolled ball grinding steel ball. The diameter range of the steel ball is φ20-φ150mm. Rolling ball mill steel ball used in the billet is a variety of chemical components of hot-rolled round bar, its diameter and the nominal diameter of steel ball equal. The main production process of hot rolled steel ball is as follows:

1, round bar material after inspection, many big ball with large diameter round steel.

2, the steel ball billet is heated to the suitable temperature in the continuous reheating furnace before rolling.

3., the hot-red billet is fed into the steel ball mill, which rotates forward between 2 rollers with special helical hole type and is continuously rolled into a steel ball. Each steel ball mill can be rolled into 60-360 steel balls per minute.

4., rolled into the Red hot state steel ball immediately into the factory specially designed on-line heat treatment equipment for quenching-tempering heat treatment, so that the steel ball to obtain a very high and uniform hardness.