China's Largest And Heaviest Turntable Bearing Line Luoyang Again In The National Show

- Oct 31, 2017-

29th, our country's largest, heaviest, highest-precision split-scale special large turntable bearing, in the Luo axle assembly success, the main technical indicators successfully through the field certification.

This set of large bearings, it is our country can be developed independently of the largest size, heaviest weight of the split special large-scale turntable bearings, his outside diameter reached 12.4 meters, equivalent to half the length of the basketball court, if it stands up, he can reach the height of the four-storey half floor. This set for a marine project in China to provide a matching special large-scale turntable bearings, weighing up to 30 tons, consisting of 6 sections, more than 3,000 parts.

Although the bearing diameter of 12.4 meters, but its rotation accuracy is less than 0.3 mm, the creation of the largest, heaviest weight, the most complex structure, the highest rotational accuracy of the split turntable bearing record. In order to ensure the smooth processing of this set of bearings, Luo Axis research and development team combined with the actual use of users requirements, successively in the oversize bearing parts processing, assembling, precision assurance and other aspects of successive technical breakthroughs, the product parameters meet the design requirements, a successful assembly, fully mastered the split special large-scale turntable bearing design, Develop core technology. Its smooth off-line, again refreshed the Luo axis maintained four years of domestic split special large-scale turntable bearing diameter and weight record, for China's major strategic infrastructure projects to contribute to the "Luoyang strength."

In recent years, with the rapid pace of the construction of modern innovation system in Luoyang, the "Luoyang elements" in the national major scientific and technological innovation achievements and major projects are more and more. From the sky to the deep sea, everywhere can be seen "Luoyang innovation" figure. The 19 major reports point to the great power of the heavy-weight, but also concentrated Luoyang many enterprises and scientific research Institute of Wisdom Crystallization.