Cast Steel Ball Characteristics Of The Analysis

- Jan 28, 2019-

Wet grinding forged steel ball, dry grinding cast steel ball, each with its own advantages, points under different working conditions.

1, casting steel ball, its natural with the following characteristics:

(1) rough surface: pouring mouth parts prone to flat top during use and deformation and loss of round, affecting the grinding effect;

(2) internal loose: due to the use of casting, the ball of coarse internal organization, in the course of the high rate of crushing, impact toughness, the ball is larger, the greater the mill, the greater the chance of crushing;

(3) Not suitable for wet grinding: The wear resistance of cast balls depends on the amount of chromium contained. The higher the chromium content, the more wear resistant. However, the characteristic of chromium is that it is easy to corrode. The higher the chromium, the more easily it is corroded. Sulfur, due to the use of chrome balls under the above conditions of wet grinding will result in increased costs and lower yields