Steel ball classification

- Nov 17, 2016-

From the application of large categories, steel ball can be divided into applications crushing industry wear-resisting steel ball and application precision bearings industry on the two main ball bearing steel balls. Wear-resisting steel ball (grinding ball) is the most widely used product in industrial practice today. There is a saying: "There is industry must smash" to this very apt; bearing steel ball in the precision bearing industry and the life of the use of a long history, the use of more extensive, you can say that most of the place has a rotating steel ball exists, commonly known as ball, Ball.

Steel ball is the said of steel ball, steel section and special-shaped grinding body. From the shape to divide, can be divided into positive round ball (universal narrow appellation), capsule ball, oval ball, Yin and yang Ball, hollow ball, polyhedron ball, many missing ball (on the surface of the pit on the body) and so on.

There are four main types of steel ball production, such as forging, rolling, semi-solid forming and casting. In these industries, the forging and rolling balls occupy a large proportion because of the special conditions and backgrounds of the usage and the history of the mineral processing industry. Semi-solid forming has a very regular casting, not simple die-casting can explain the characteristics of the clear, with a kind of cast, like forging, casting the advantages of a combination of advanced technology formed by the excellent performance and aroused people's attention. The casting steel ball is simple, flexible and reliable mode of production, easy to realize the expansion of large-scale production of low investment, especially when experts and engineers face steelmaking furnace using a variety of advanced technology and alloy composition design, play an endless imagination, to create a more novel, more advanced varieties, To meet the needs of the competition brought about by the sense of achievement, more than ordinary people can understand. Of course, the high cost-effective and sustainable development of the casting ball makes it become the main force in the production of crushing industry, especially in the cement crushing industry.

Commonly used cast steel ball according to its chemical composition can be divided into the following 11 major categories:

1, chromium wear-resistant cast iron ball;

2, low alloy steel anti-wear cast ball;

3, medium and high alloy steel anti-wear cast ball;

4. High manganese steel ball;

5, half steel half iron ball;

6, Medium manganese ductile iron ball;

7, APO, horse-shellfish complex phase steel ball;

8, bad, cad anti-wear cast ball;

9, special alloy cast iron ball;

10. Wet-abrasion casting ball;

11. Other casting balls.