Development and production of steel ball

- Oct 20, 2016-

Development: Steel ball is an important basic component, especially the precision industrial steel ball plays a great role in the development of national economy. Under some special conditions, steel balls with special materials are often needed to achieve the desired functions under different environments. In fact, some special material steel ball has been widely used in various fields of national economy, including 9CR18, 3cr13 stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium alloy steel and agate, glass, ceramic ball and so on. Their popularization and application not only promote the development of steel ball production industry, but also promote the technology development and technological progress of related industries.

Production: steel ball production after the process of automatic cleaning of steel balls, automatic appearance detection (automatic elimination of unqualified products), automatic rust-proof, counting packaging, are the key to the quality of steel ball. The inspection of steel ball appearance is an indispensable process in the process of steel ball processing. Steel ball appearance detection mainly includes surface scratches, rust, surface spots and other aspects of detection. Steel ball production process: stamping-light grinding-quenching-hard grinding--appearance--polishing--cleaning--antirust--Finished packaging.